About that forum update…

For anyone stumbling across the site you may remember I was attempting to restore the forum with the current version of vBulletin but was not having much luck. I am not a database/mySQL expert nor do I desire to be one so progress had been very slow.

Given the minimal traffic the site was seeing even before this, I have placed this prject on the backburner. I am looking into some alternatives and may eventually go back to trying again but for now the Martian Cartel will be forum-less.

You may yell at me in the comments at your leisure!

Forum upgrade still in progress!

As in times past, vBulletin is proving to be my archnemesis.

The updated files have been successfully uploaded but things aren’t connecting together properly, so while I can get to the admin login, that’s where everything stops.

I have conscripted Postal again into helping me take a look at the plumbing but the soonest you might be able to see or use the forum is sometime on Monday, April 18th. Of this year.


Houston, we have a problem (site update January 24, 2016)

As some of you may have noticed, the vBulletin forum that the site automatically redirects to has crashed and gone boom, like certain failed Mars probes.

The site was running a very old version of vBulletin and may have been hacked/died of old age or had something else happen to it. I am not a database expert so the investigation is akin to a surgeon using boxing gloves. Except the surgeon is not really a surgeon, he’s just an intern.

Nonetheless, the site should now redirect to this WordPress blog which will at least provide updates on this undesirable situation.

Further updates soon™.